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First dental visit

To make your dental experience a pleasant one, it is crucial for you to know your dentist and help them know about you a lot more. Discuss your Wants and hear back your Needs, make a plan and follow through, make your dental journey a learned experience.
Sep 10th, 2023

Importance of Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening should be performed annually. It includes examining the lining of cheeks, gums, lips, tongue, floor and roof of mouth to check for lesions and abnormalities, referral to a specialist could be expected for further testing.
Aug 7th, 2023

What Is the Role of Osseointegration in Dental Implants

When you want to replace your missing or decayed tooth, a dental implant would be one of the best options. However, the whole process of a Dental Implant takes several months and this is because of Osseointegration.
Nov 25th, 2019