Teeth Extractions in
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We perform teeth extractions in Richboro to help patients suffering from infection, injury or crowding. For the gentle care you deserve, call Addisville Dental today.

Root Canal Treatment in Richboro, PA

Saving teeth is our primary goal at Addisville Dental. In some cases, however, we understand that tooth extractions are necessary to maintain or restore your overall oral health.

Causes for Teeth Extractions

At Addisville Dental, we will do everything we can to save your teeth with root canal treatment and other tooth-preserving procedures. Teeth extractions are still sometimes necessary for a variety of reasons including decay or damage that cannot be treated or severe injury. If you’re receiving braces, clear aligners or other orthodontic treatment, our dentist may recommend removing teeth to make it easier to reposition your teeth and straighten your smile.

Our dentist may also recommend tooth extraction when a tooth has become impacted. In this case, an existing tooth may be obstructing the eruption of another tooth. Tooth impactions are often painful and can cause infections as bacteria enter the gums and surrounding tissues around the partially erupted tooth.

What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

If you need a tooth extraction, call our office. Our dentist will perform a thorough examination and take digital X-rays to assess the condition of the tooth and the surrounding bone. Before your extraction, we will numb the tooth using a local anesthetic to make you as comfortable as possible. Our dentist will then remove the tooth and pack the area with gauze. We may close the area with a stitch as necessary.

What to Expect After a Tooth Extraction

After your extraction, our dentist will ask you to bite down on a piece of dry, sterile gauze to limit the bleeding until a blood clot can form in the socket. Be sure to keep the area clean. Don’t smoke or vigorously rinse your mouth for the first 24 hours. Pain and swelling for the first few days are normal and should pass in two to three days. Our dentist may prescribe antibiotics and pain relievers as necessary to prevent infection and ease your discomfort in the days following your extraction. If you experience prolonged pain, bleeding or swelling following your procedure, be sure to call our office right away.

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Sandy P.
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Sandy P.

I recently became a patient at Addisville Dental and would highly recommend them. Everyone on staff is welcoming and go out of their way to put patients at ease. I had a procedure done and was amazed that I did not feel a thing! Dr. Sandhu took the time to explain everything to me and really cares about her patients.
Tina K.
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Tina K.

It’s a pleasure to go to this brand new facility. Dr. Sandhu and her entire staff are professional, current, friendly, caring, and attentive to my needs and concerns. I had been avoiding going to a dentist for several years and finally decided to go. I happened upon Dr. Sandhu’s office, walked in and got an appointment quickly. I am very glad that I did!
Amy D.
google review of dental office in Richboro PA

Amy D.

The team at Addisvillle dental really know how to make you feel calm even when you are very afraid of being at the dentist. From the phone call , to sitting in the very comfortable brand new chairs, I knew I was in good hands. The have a great in house insurance plan, which is very comprehensive. Give them a call.
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